About Our Great Teachers & Instructors

At Safety First Driving School, we employ only the best! All of our teachers are required to have an extensive background check which includes fingerprinting and a FBI check. In addition to being state certified, each instructor must complete extensive Safety First certification. This includes a specific course that has been developed for all instructors. This universal system for instruction guarantees that all our students are learning properly. Instructors are also required to pass our own written exam and defensive driving courses, as well as crash avoidance training.

No other driving school in the state offers such an extensive training program for their instructors. The training does not stop there. Instructors are required to recertify every year and are also given the opportunity to advance by taking other courses and getting certified in different subjects.

Our instructors are given career positions with good salaries and benefits. They are not doing some part-time job that they don't care about. This is one of the reasons you're getting the best. We care about our teachers; they are the highest paid instructors in the state. They care about their jobs and the people they teach.

Our Vehicles
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Our History

On July 4, 1992, Safety First Driving School was founded by John and Stephanie Mihalczo. After managing two other driving schools in New Jersey, Mr. Mihalczo realized that unfortunately the only motivating factor in the driving school business was making a profit, not educating the masses. This painted a clear picture of what was really lacking in the driving school industry, and determined the direction that he would take.

Starting as a single car operation, Safety First quickly developed a solid reputation for reliability and quality instruction. Within the next several years, the business more than tripled. It was at that point that a strong relationship with DCH Toyota of Brunswick began to grow. Safety First has used Toyota vehicles exclusively, due to their high safety rating, reliability, and commitment to service. Our fleet is fully maintained by DCH Toyota of Brunswick and kept in like-new running condition, until the cars are retired. DCH Toyota of Brunswick also sells and services all makes and models of cars, new and used. They offer special discount prices on service and have a new and used car buying program designed specifically for Safety First Driving School customers.

Safety First also teaches the Defensive Driving Classroom Course at DCH Toyota of Brunswick's conference facility and does many other joint community functions and sponsorships. This year with the help of the local Policeman's Benevolent Association's D.A.R.E., Safety First Driving School and DCH Toyota of Brunswick will be going around to your high schools giving an interactive Drunk Driving Awareness seminar. Programs like this help make your children aware of the dangers of drunk driving while having fun doing hands-on simulations.

Safety First over the years has expanded into corporate accounts, public and private school contracting, and defensive driving classes around New Jersey. John and Stephanie Mihalczo currently sit on the board of directors for the Driving School Association of New Jersey. This is the governing body that sets and enforces the standards for the driving school industry and helps set new laws for all new drivers. We are currently in the process of expanding our web site to offer an interactive site to make learning an easier and more enjoyable experience.

At Safety First, we are honored to have served the community for all these years. We look forward to teaching you, and give our promise to uphold the high standards that got us where we are today.

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