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Road Test Service

It's finally time to go for your Road Test but you just found out your vehicle is not suitable for the test. Maybe its just too big to park, maybe it's a stick and you would rather have an automatic for your test, or maybe it just does not have a parking brake in the center console. All are good reasons to call us about a Road Test Service.

If you are a former student then we will come and pick you up bring you for the test and then bring you back to home, work or school when you are finished. If you have never taken lessons here before then in order to use our Brand New Vehicle for your test you must also take the Review Lesson.

During the review the instructor will go over the necessary information for your test and at the same time evaluate your driving to make sure that you are a safe enough driver to use our car for the test. If the instructor feels you are too hazardous of a driver they will advise you to reschedule your test and will not permit you to use our vehicle for the test. Safety is always our first concern and there is no substitute for a professional evaluation.


Safety First Driving School (1-800-237-1095)
3186 State Highway 27, Kendall Park, NJ 08824