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16 Year Old Programs

Anyone ages 16 to 21 is eligible for the six hour program and qualifies for the insurance reduction certificate. Students over the age of 21 should inquire about our Defensive Driving Classroom course to get their insurance reduction certificate. Young or old we have a program to help you learn to drive and save money on your car insurance. For years Safety First has been the leader in complete all inclusive 16 year old programs. In order for a 16 year old to obtain their learners permit they must be enrolled in an approved behind the wheel drivers education program with a licensed school. The program at Safety First Driving School consists of three; two hour lessons of behind the wheel instruction. It also includes all the required paperwork involved. We will get some initial information from you and then go to the Motor Vehicle offices and purchase the students permit before ever picking the student up. This practice of buying the permit ahead of time eliminates the need for the student to sit in the DMV for hours waiting to get their permit. When our instructor picks up the student we will have all the necessary paperwork ready to go. The student will then be taken to DMV for an eye exam and validation which will allow the student to drive with a licensed instructor only. This process will take only a few minutes verses hours waiting to purchase a permit. Then time allowing the student will begin their first two hour session.

The lesson will be for two full hours, the time at DMV is not deducted from the students driving time which is highly illegal and seems to be a common practice among other schools. We at Safety First strongly feel that getting the necessary paperwork ahead of time and purchasing the permit in advance is the only way to ensure proper instruction. Why would an instructor want to sit in DMV to buy a permit if they were not getting paid for sitting there? Why would a driving school want to pay someone to sit at DMV to buy a permit? Many schools will charge an extra hourly fee just to buy a permit. Not at Safety First Driving School.

The student will then have two other two hour sessions of behind the wheel and then we will go back to DMV for you and validate the students permit and set up a road test appointment so that they will be legal to drive with a licensed driver other than a licensed instructor. We don't make the parents go to DMV to validate the permit like most other schools. The extra validation is included in our program. All our lessons are door to door, pick up at home, school, or work. At the completion of the Six Hour Program we will provide you with the permit, a certificate of completion for your insurance company and some informative documents including a student evaluation form.

Additional lessons are always available for nervous students for an extra charge and we will also bring the student for their actual Road Test in the same vehicle they took their lessons for an additional charge.

To enroll now click here and call our office to request the enrollment forms. You will need a check for NJMVC for $10.00 and an original form of ID, a check to Safety First Driving School for the proper amount and a test card from Drivers Ed class. If you have not had drivers ed in school yet or did not pass your written exam you can still enroll. Ask about our written test services.

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