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Written Test Services

Once you have studied for your written test and you have successfully passed our practice exam its time to take the real test. One of our instructors will pick you up at home, school, or work and accompany you to DMV for your written exam. For less than the price of a taxi our instructor will pick you up, review the exam questions, wait for you at the DMV and then bring you back home. So what are you waiting for? Get studying and give us a call!

Students who are 16 years old can now take the written test at our office. We are a licensed administrator of the New Jersey written test.

Students who are 16 years old and did not receive Drivers Ed in school or students who did not pass the written exam are required to be accompanied by a licensed instructor in order to take the written exam at DMV when they are 16 years old. If you are 16 years old and go to DMV to take the test on your own they will send you away and tell you to enroll in an approved Drivers Education program. This is the program they are talking about. So save yourself a wasted trip and enroll now. You do need parental consent so call our offices or have your parents call our offices now.

Why wait until you have Drivers Education in school and lose out on all that valuable driving time. Let us get you started now. Remember a student must have a permit for a minimum of six months before they are eligible to take a road test.


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