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One of our core beliefs at Safety First Driving School is to be a part of the community. We demonstrate this in everything we do from our choice of Hybrid cars for a greener future to our team sponsorship programs. We understand that our students have a variety of different interests and backgrounds and that they participate in many activities. With this in mind we have created the Safety First Special's and Sponsorship Page. Here we will provide a way for you and your child to contact us in order to participate in these events.


We like to keep things interesting!! From time to time we will be posting specials in this section. They will vary in terms of services and dollar amounts. The only way to know what is going on is to keep checking back. Some will require you to print out a certificate and others will only require to mention the add on the phone!!!!
This month's special opportunity:

Our Savings
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Safety First Twins and Multi-Child Discount

We will reward your loyalty with a token of our appreciation. We will give a $25 discount to families who have previously sent two of their children through our program. Every child in the family after the 2nd child will receive this discount.

We also offer a twins discount in order to ease the burden on the parents who always end up having to pay for everything twice! Twins will receive $25 off of the cost of each child's 6 hour program. We will extend the same discount on road test day.

*Twins and Multi-Child discounts can not be combined with any other offers.

Supper Sport Program

We realize that many of our students participate in school sports. High school athletics can be very time demanding and many students have a hard time taking lessons in the after school hours. Practices and games often take up all of their after school free time. Safety First does not believe that student athletes should be punished and made to wait longer for their permit. With this in mind we have created our Super Sports Discount program. Student athletes who take their lessons during the school day will receive a $50 discount. In order to qualify for the discount the lessons must be taken during the school day and completed no later than 2pm. Parents must give permission to the school for the student to be signed out by Safety First Driving School.

Sponsorship Opportunities
We back up our beliefs with action. Over the years we have sponsored sports teams, drama productions, high school newspapers, and youth group events. In order to get your event sponsored contact us immediately.

Contact Us for More Sponship Info
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