Listed below are just a few of the many letters we receive each week. These letters are one of the reasons we stay in business and why we enjoy doing what others feel is a "crazy" job. Many times, after a long day of teaching, the instructors will come in the office and look up at the walls covered with thank you letters and draw inspiration from them. It's our pleasure to share some of these letters with you.

Alyssa: Frank, Thank you so much for teaching me to drive and helping me with my anxiety and fear of it. I bought a new car & feel much safer driving! I could never have done that without your help Thanks again.

Maria: I just want to thank everybody that was involved in my son Abe's driving license process. Especially, to Stephanie, a sweet and very professional customer care lady, who patiently provided all the information I needed. To John, the owner of the company; to Mr. boyd(Instructor), and to my "Golden boy," Matthew, the big supporter in the entire process.

Thank you, all, for being such great People!!!

Dave Kerr: Thank you. Matt passed his test today. We owe a great deal to your 6-hour program. I picked you because of the 3x2 hr lessons instead of 2x3 hr lessons. I think that strategy pays off, but everything else about your instruction also worked out very well. Matt enjoyed his lessons and when we entered the picture as his passengers for the first time, we were very impressed at how well he handled the car and paid attention around him.

Great job, please pass our thanks along. And best wishes to all for the holidays.

Sue: I hired your school because I liked the safety feature you have with the dual brakes. Its scary putting your teen on the road. Stepanie, Joe ( your wonderful Joe )and everyone else I have spoken to there, you have all been so helpful, polite, friendly and very imformative. You were always right on time! I will highly recommend your school to anyone who asks!

Thanks Again for everything!

Allan Samilow: I wanted to compliment the instructor, Mike, who took my son Alex to Motor Vehicles for his driving test today, June 19, 2012. Alex was very nervous last night and this morning until Mike's calm demeanor and reassuring personality put Alex on a better emotional plane.

In addition, there was a situation with the identification that contained Alex's address, and Mike took Alex not once, but twice to the local Bank of America branch to get the issue resolved so Alex could leave with his license in his wallet.

I appreciate the extra effort and the fact that Alex was able to walk away from the morning with a big "win". Thanks for everything!

Michael Ruiz: "First off, I'd like to say Safety First Driving School is great! I love driving the new Saturns. I also liked being picked up. It's so convenient and easy. I thought I would have to drive to the place, go out, come back and then drive home. Very nice! The reason I am writing this letter is that at my first lesson I was greeted at the door by this friendly energetic woman. Colette was great! I thought I was never going to make it, but she assured me that I would be all right and I was. She made everything really easy. Parallel parking, K-turns, everything. She explained everything and made it crystal clear. She was extremely nice, but at the same time let me know whenever I was doing something wrong, and didn't hesitate to praise me when I made a nice turn or a nice observation. She is really a great instructor, and she's really terrific."

Yomesh Patel: "I am writing this short note to express my deep gratitude to you and your entire organization for excellent scheduling of lessons, instructors for their deep knowledge and patience and particularly motivating efforts to enable learners like me to understand and gain the necessary confidence for safe driving. It has been a great pleasure for me to learn driving from your school. I am sure that the tips and training provided by you will enable me to develop safe driving habits. I take this opportunity to convey my best wishes to the school and its staff."

Shannon Snook: "My name is Shannon Snook and I had my driving lessons with Bruce. I would just like to give Bruce two thumbs up! He was totally awesome! I am so happy that I had such a good instructor. I totally felt comfortable with him and he taught me so much. Any time my friends ask, I always tell them to go to Safety First and ask for Bruce. Once again I would just like to say I had an awesome time, I learned a lot and I totally appreciate you giving me a totally cool instructor."

Sonia Chan: "Thank you so much for helping me finally get my driver's license. Your skillful teaching enabled me to achieve a goal I never thought was possible, and I am very grateful. I wish you lots of luck with your business."

Cecil Craig Jackson: First thanks a ton for the awesome instruction. I felt confident in the exam and feel confident on the road now. We talked a lot about car choice. After lots of research and debate I went with a CPO 2008 Volvo S40. Got a steal at Volvo Princeton (i think/hope). It drives well and has good pick up. Anyway, I had to parallel park into a pretty tight spot last night. I got it on the first try. Appears the formula I learned in class works for my car as well. Nuts!


Here's some of our letters of appreciation from our great students!

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